Adrian’s Desert Island Beer Labels #6

Stingo, a fine Yorkshire name. Not sure whether it was mainly Yorkshire or  all across the north. I know it got taken up by Watneys. Great colour combination, really good design, one of my favourite labels.




  • alastairw

    I love this label; especially its yellow & blue combination. But here’s an interesting warning; did you know that too much beer can result in a particular type of colour blindness which affects your ability to discern the difference between yellow and blue? Quite apt when one looks at what this yellow & blue label was for – “Stingo”, a seriously strong beer usually with an alcohol content of about 8.5% and above and sometimes up to 11%. Yellow and blue colour-blindness all round, eh? Especially if you drink it by the pint!

  • alastairw

    Stingo was very much a northern beer, but several breweries down south also brewed the stuff. Watney’s even took over the “Yorkshire Stingo Brewery” which was located in of all places Marylebone Road, London. Yorkshire Sting Brewery LONDON? Well, there’s a thing! Anyway, the reason Watney’s had their “Stingo” was because of that takeover. Down here in sunny Dorset we have a brewery called Hall and Woodhouse (Badger) which produced a bottled “Stingo” and this was often mixed by customers in the with pub with their Bagder Best Bitter to produce a drink which had some semblance of an alcoholic beverage.

  • Peter D

    One of my favourite labels as well. Alastair, interesting you should mention the peculiar colour blindness. associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Is there is a different colour blindness, which is associated with not drinking enough beer, because I think I am suffering from it?

  • alastairw

    Yes. It’s seeing spots of green spattered about on yellow-coloured shields on beer labels from York!

  • The Welsh Whippet

    If you are blind to blue & yellow is this a good or bad design. On one hand you may not be able to discern what the beer is, on the other hand you may not care. Discuss!

  • Ike

    I’m afraid that despite Yorkshire’s claims to Stingo it was quite a common name for strong ale across the country. I have seen labels from all the following breweries advertising their Stingo.
    Cobb, Coldstream Bry, Fookes (Milton Abbas), Godwin (Swindon), Greene King (Bailey & Tebbutt, Cambridge), Groves, Hall & Woodhouse, Hammonds, Higsons, Hunt, Lamb Brewery, Northampton Brewery, Rhymney Brewery, Sam Smith, Steward & Patteson, Strettons (Derby), Thompson (Barrow in Furness), Watneys, Wells & Winch, Wells (Watford) and Cairnes (Drogheda, Ireland).
    The score is North 5, Midlands 6, South 8 Scotland 1, Ireland 1.

    I’m sure there were more and strong ales like Stingo might not have been bottled by the brewery, just served on draught. I know that Seth Senior brewed a famous Stingo but I’ve never seen a label. However the label accolade must go to the South West, especially Dorset.

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