Advent Calendar Day 15

Visited the Irwell Works Brewery on Sunday night with Adrian. Plenty of awards on the walls at the top of the stairs, including several from ‘Label of the Year’. This was in 3rd place in 2013 as part of a set of three. There can’t be many labels which feature a line from a song, particularly a song which for years was one of my favourites, by the finest band of the late 60s. How many of you can continue with the next line? “If you go chasing rabbits……..”

Irwell Works


  • Pete S

    a) You’ll lose your ferret!

    b) you’ll catch myxomatosis

    c) you might end up with a decent supper

  • Yorkshire Terrier

    I don’t believe that there is no-one out there knows what comes next. Perhaps they need to go ask Alice.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Yes. I think she’ll know

  • The men on the chessboard

    I think we should tell them where to go.

  • The Dormouse

    It will be OK if you just remember what I said.

  • The Red Queen

    Off with her head

  • Peter D

    What was it you said Dormouse? I was distracted by the White Knight.

  • Pete S

    If I catch the next flight to Jefferson, then the answer might be “And you know you’re going to fall”

  • Peter D

    You would have to fly Trans-love Airways. And there would always be the possibility of coming down.

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