Advent Calendar Day 20

Today is a homage to Ind Coope. In the sixties and seventies, few self respecting drinkers would dare to speak it’s name, unless they were lucky enough to be in a pub that sold Burton Ale. Now that was good. Here are four labels with a total age greater than 400. How could a brewery which had built up that sort of export market, have been bankrupt or close to bankrupt on at least 2 occasions. Now, of course, we can just admire their labels.


  • Edd Mather

    It`s curious that the Romford brewery of Ind Coope (the original Ind -Coope brewery) isn`t mentioned on the labels , maybe the Burton brewery was the main export brewery ?

  • Keith Osborne

    There are also export labels issued at Romford. Imperial Stout with “Brewers Romford” was bottled by Brasseries Garrieres de Marbre, Namur and Heinrich Absells, Hamburg. Thetre’s also a Double Brown Stout with Havering Castle trade mark which has “London” on its label – imported bny Ludvig Gjedwad’s Son, Randers.

    I will be sending in some colourful Romford labels shortly.

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