Beer Labels Added: Ely Brewery Co Ltd again

Another couple of images added to the above in our Featured Brewery pages. One a new beer type & the other a variant of existing image. So you get not just a better Featured Brewery, but a Spot The Difference thrown in for free.


  • Trevor Jones

    Have you also added an India Pale Ale (v1) whatever that means? It wasn’t there the last time I looked. And I am still really impressed with the trouble you have taken. TJ

  • Pete S

    Hi Trevor
    I think the IPA (v1) was there before, but as more than one of us uploads things I may be wrong (not unusual). The 2 new labels this time were the Golden Gleam & (v3) of Home Brewed.
    The (v1), (v2) etc refer to variant/version of the same label and may often reflect the changes in design over several decades or more.
    We are more than pleased that our efforts to promote our pastime are well received by an ever wider audience. Cheers

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