Beer Labels Added: Ely Brewery Co Ltd, Cardiff

The above new brewery has been added to our Featured Brewery pages. So off you go to the Featured Brewery tab, then Wales tab and on to Ely Brewery Co Ltd page. A fair number of images, but as always we would welcome more! Crank up the scanner, scan individually, save as jpegs or png files & forward to our webmaster via our Contact Us page.


  • Trevor Jones

    I found these completely by accident. I am too young to remember the beers, but I do remember some of the pubs that sold them. Thank you. The labels with the bridge on are really lovely.

  • Dai F

    Thanks Trev. You are right. I am sure I have a couple that aren’t on here. I will have a look.

  • Peter D

    Good to see a very nice set of labels from other than Pete or myself. Thanks to Des for the labels and to Trevor and Dai for the encouraging responses. I may have a couple more to add to this set.

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