Brewers in London, more labels added

This weekend, we have added a large number of labels to the Brewers in London section. I am coming to the end of the breweries I am able to feature in this section, so please, please can those members with other breweries in their collections forward some beautiful images to either of us, so they can be added to the site. Some breweries may be missing because I didn’t consider them to be in in London, we can remedy that.

Also I have signed commitments from six of our members who were at Lye in October, to contribute their 10 labels to the Desert Island Beer Labels feature which is proving very popular. It would be nice to receive a set of 10 scans and 100 words on each label before I have to try torture.

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  • Fascinated by beer labels

    I like this a lot. This website is always a joy to explore and I hadn’t looked recently. I also noticed that you have put the Kelsey labels on at last. Brilliant.

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