Brewery Buildings #3; St. Leonards Brewery, Edinburgh

There are several examples which depict the St Leonards Brewery, Edinburgh. I suspect this is a 90/- Pale Ale, rather than just a 90. I am always impressed when a designer gets so much detail into a small part of a label.



  • Pete S

    We’re you looking at the other label when you wrote the above. As it says Pale Ale around bottom of this one.
    Just a ploy to provoke comment perchance?

  • Peter D

    Nope! I thought 90/- Pale Ale or 90 Pale Ale. Perhaps I should have added the Pale Ale on the end of the sentence.

  • Pete S

    Ahhhhhh! Now did they drop the /- for artistic/space reasons or is it in fact a different beer made after the old Scots beer duty was changed. When ever that was. Perhaps Alastair will have an insight on this.

  • Pete S

    And look a discussion provoked. So it does work this theory of …………… ……. but that would be telling.

  • AlastairW

    It is 90/- Ale. Just a bit of early “branding”, perhaps. I have to say that in some parts of the “Civilised Garden of Eden”, also known as Scotland, that the word “shilling” was often not used when ordering a pint of 70, 80 or 90/- which were to the average boozer all just types of “Heavy”.

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