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The founder of the Carlsberg dynasty was Christian Jacobsen who arrived in Copenhagen in the early 1800s and soon began brewing. His son, Jacob Christian Jacobsen, also brewed and built a second brewery outside the city naming it after his son Carl and adding on the Danish word for hill, i.e. berg. The name Carlsberg had arrived. For a while there were two breweries and Jacob Christian named his Gamle, (Old), Carlsberg whilst Carl used the term Ny, (New), Carlsberg. Different trademarks were used with a twelve pointed star and a swastika (Su Asti Ka – it is good) making appearances respectively. The breweries amalgamated in 1906 and the two symbols then combined. With the rise of Nazis in Germany, the swastika was dropped in the mid 1930’s.

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Carlsberg -Skatte Fri
Carlsberg -Skatte Fri

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