How much did that cost? #3

We are off to Scotland for this next example. A third or less, of the cost of the previous two labels we have featured. MacLachlan’s Edinburgh Ale, which would appear to be a really cheap beer.  Why only 2d I hear you ask?  Was it because it is a much earlier label and so the beer is cheaper, was it because there was less money about in Scotland, so they had to keep the price low to get sales, or perhaps this label was for a half pint bottle?

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  • SidneyBroadshead

    It was probably a 42/- (42 Shilling) Scottish Ale, which would be a Table Ale or Light Ale of around 2.5% ABV strength. Scottish breweries like MacLay & Co. began the “pence per pint bottle” rating alongside or in the place of the Shilling or Guinea rating around the 1930s during the Depression.

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