How much did that cost? #5

Happy New Year to all our followers! And may your collecting year bring you many goodies. Like these maybe?

Very pleasing response to yesterday’s test. We should be more trusting of our followers. A second example from Carter’s Knottingley Brewery is added, both of which feature the 2d charge on the bottle in a tab at the top of the label. The company was acquired by Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries in 1935 and in the 1920s and 30s the bottle charge would be at the very least an eighth of the cost of the beer, possibly more, even on a quart bottle. I can’t see many people happy to pay that proportion today, especially on a bottle costing over £3..


  • Bah Humbug

    So a change of direction eh!.
    2d is deposit on bottle not cost of ale.
    Does this change your view of the age I wonder?

  • Edd Mather

    Hi Peter , and a happy new year to you and all in the Labologist’s Society; on the date front , as it only says ” bottled by ” , I’d plump for a date around the takeover , or even just after , depending on whether BYB were using the Knottingly brewery as a bottling store & depot post 1935.

  • Brendan Bush

    Is this a test? Are you looking for those of us who don’t look closely enough at the labels or just look at the labels and don’t read the blog?
    Lovely label though.

  • Peter D

    That has cost me a coupe of pints. I had a bet on that, with the New Year’s Day hangovers, no-one would notice until this evening. I did have one exception, I did think Pete S would notice pretty quickly. Still thanks to Bah, Edd and Brendan. If we could get that sort of response to every post, how happy would we be?
    I shall edit the entry for this label tomorrow. Give some others a chance to comment.

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