How much did that cost? #6

Today’s offering is another different method to indicate cost of the beer. Put the price on a stopper label. Stopper labels were introduced to stop the practice of unscrewing the top pouring out some beer and topping up with water. Hence early examples exhorted the drinker to ensure the label was unbroken. Some examples here from Fremlin’s of Maidstone and I won’t try to guess either the possible contents of the bottle or the size. Thanks again to Nick who sent in the images. For those lucky enough not to know, the top label reads 1 shilling and two pence, slightly less than 6p today.


  • Penny Pincher

    Knowing our Web Meister, this us no doubt intended to be a maths tests as well.
    So I reckon the answer is 6/4.

  • Peter D

    Absolutely correct Penny, well worked out. Of course you would have needed to know that there were 12 pence in a shilling.

  • Penny Pincher

    Lucky I didn’t go for the well known (?) decimal shilling then.

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