Label Coding – On The Edge

Having discussed edge coding with several members at Windsor & Eton & having discovered that a couple of them had made their own ‘card reader’. Sticky back plastic, was certainly in evidence. I have had a troll thru the box of bits the first couple of cards were discovered in & as I thought (and perhaps mentioned last Saturday) I have found one of the Watney Mann versions.

Codedge WM small


Now whilst this version does not have a section for the year, it does add two other options. Firstly ‘Line’, which I am presuming is the bottling line, as the product line would be obvious from the label design and secondly ‘Store’, which again I am guessing is the bottling store or warehouse. Probably the former.

Okay that’s it for the moment, so discuss and or tell me where I am right or wrong. As to the ‘UP’ & the ‘P’, I haven’t got a clue, over to you!

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