Labology on the Box, yep TV no less!

As the interest in our website & indeed in the Society itself continues to grow, this is largely driven by our members.

Sometimes with a little help and today we must give a big ‘hats off’ to Nick D & his appearance on Mustard TV, a local Norfolk broadcaster.

Check out his new found stardom & grab a sneak peek at some of his labels at

Hit the Part 1 button & scroll thru to around the 3.50 minute mark & all will be revealed.

And to quote Nick, “Apologies for any inaccuracies and the ‘unique’ bit, which in your august company is clearly incorrect !”

Well I think we have probably appeared in most media by now, so just the big screen to conquer.

Who do you think should star in ‘Labology Part 1, in a brewery far far away’, Johnny Depp, Jude Law?

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