Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #15

There appears to be no brewery in Liverpool that was ever known as the Cascade Brewery and no brewery in Liverpool which brewed a British Pilsener Beer. Extensive research has revealed that the Cascade brand name was registered by J P O’Brien in 1897 and used to sell Bass Pale Ale. It is likely that they used an invented Cascade Brewery at a much later date, as a vehicle for Lager type beers.JP OBrien Cascade


  • Confused from Cambridge

    Sorry to ask boyo
    Why is Liverpool #19 on home page twitter feed & not on blog page?

  • Dale Adams

    For that matter, what happend to #17 & #18???

  • Peter D

    Pleased to respond. We were preparing future posts on the Liverpool Bottlers theme and had decided to alter the order after receiving a number of scans from Onno in Holland. The final renumbering of the Coventry Zig Zag label coincided with the draining of yet another refreshment and we hit the publish button instead of save draft. Sadly there is no ‘unpublish’ button, so I deleted that post and then made another and successfully saved as draft. It will reappear after 17 and 18. Probably!

  • PeteS

    Ah ha! Drunk in charge of a mouse. Must be punishable by buying a round on Friday night.
    What time are you arriving in LOTYland?

  • Dale Adams

    Sadly a pure case of BUI, blogging under the influence! As our Webmaster has a ‘clean’ blogging record and a track record of solid performance, he is getting off with a slap on the wrist and being offered another pint!

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