Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #17

Another image kindly sent in by our good friend Onno which fits in very nicely with the Machen & Co label in Liverpool Bottlers #16. Again brewed by the Phoenix Brewery in Amersfoort, but this time bottled by T B Hall, who also owned Machen & Co. All very confusing! Would we be right in thinking that Bock Beer never really caught on in Britain?  33-tb-hall-bock-beer-liverpool

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  • Onno Kleefkens

    Hi Peter, be aware of the fact that all Phoenix beers were bottled in Amersfoort. After having closed their bottling plant in London, at Westminster Bridge Road, the Phoenix decided to bottle all their beers themselves to guarantee the quality of the beer. Prof Hartong was their chief quality manager. Local bottlers were not that ‘clean’ in their work giving infections and complaints. Besides that it was cheaper to have a ‘one way’ product with bottles in stead of gettin back all these empty casks.
    As to the origin of Machen and TB Hall. It is confusing, if soembody knows more about the export companies, I am interested!

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