Liverpool Bottlers and their brands #22

William Adolphus Ross and his sadly unnamed brother were the founders of the business with facilities in New York, Belfast and Liverpool. I At the end of the 19th century their brand was Great Auk’s Head. Sadly we have no examples for this brand or labels issued with the cowboy trademark. We can however clear up the confusion surrounding T.P. Griffin and the comments made on Liverpool Bottlers #7 and #8. A slight correction to ‘Fascinated by beer labels’ helpful comment on the English Lager beer. T.P.Griffin was in fact taken over by W.A. Ross in 1909 and not the other way round. This example dates from 1934, you get a clue from the label.


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  • Dale Adams

    I have always liked this particular style of Gunness label as the design is just lovely. It is also a ‘gift’ to Labologists as it inludes the date of use! In this case 19th of April 1934 of course!

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