LOTY Judging Meeting, This Saturday, Auction Etc

Well it’s that time of year once again. Yes it is the 2017 LOTY Judging meeting this coming Saturday.

The venue is is the upstairs room at the Fat Cat, Kelham Island, Sheffield. Kick off around 12 noon.

There will another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection.

Please note that will enforce reserves if we have another poor turn out.

In fact we may withdraw certain items. Having said that the items on offer are below.

Sorry for the poorer than usual quality, I am a bit rushed this week. Cannot think why!




I look forward to seeing lots of you there, no excuses we are after all, north of the Watford Gap for a change.


  • Pete S

    As always guys, thanks for the stunning response.
    Those of us who work their ‘proverbials’ off for LOTY & the Society really appreciate the flood of indifference..

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Sorry Pete
    I think the society are doing a great job, but I can’t look up what’s new everyday.
    Please keep this up

  • Pete S

    Well FBBL thanks for the positive vibe. I feel slightly better that someone has passed comment. Hopefully others have found time to look, even if they have not felt able to comment. Onwards & upwards eh!

  • Eric Dore

    Hi Pete – thanks for your hard work – sorry I couldn’t make this meeting but looking forward to LOTY at Outstanding Brewery on 7th October in Salford. If anyone is reading this who hasn’t booked yet (why not?) please leave a response here and we will be in touch. For our really inactive members, a door to door limousine can be arranged (at a price!). Pete – Is it possible to publish a realisation list for the auction on Saturday (apologies if this is already on the website somewhere) Cheers, Eric

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