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Labels from Benjamin Bennett of the North Western Brewery in Dunstable and King’s of Syresham have been added to our Featured Brewery section. It was ages ago that Keith sent me the Bennett images and I apologise for the delay in getting them uploaded. No excuse, I just forgot I had them.

You will find the Bennett in England > Eastern and King’s in England > East Midlands

We are currently working on Worksop & Retford Breweries, Manns, John Young and Strongs and should get them on the site in the next couple of weeks.

Still not got the commitment from some members to contribute to the success of the site, but hey-ho we keep going.



  • Dale Adams

    Nice new feature breweries!
    I could not help but notice the King’s – Florin Ale. Of course a ‘Florin’ is a ‘two bob bit’ or two shillings (now known as ten pence). So the image on this label is of the reverse of a one Florin coin that dates for the King George period and was issued between 1927 and 1949.
    Therefore, that particular label could not date before 1927.
    Don’t you just love the way Labology ties in with so much history!

  • Alastair W

    If you look closely at the florin, you’ll see the date as 1931. But because the Royal Mint usually issues coins with a date a year before issue ,the label must have been issued after 1932. I suspect this might be a special label for the 1935 Jubilee of George Vth, but the designer probably couldn’t find a florin in his pocket with a 1935 date! Florins could buy a lot in those days and were probably pretty uncommon for the “man in the street” or the “51 bus” to Towcester from Syresham.

  • Peter D

    Great response to these, thank you. And Alastair is right, a florin could buy a lot in those days. I reckon it would buy nearly £12 worth of refreshments today. That would be three pints down South and six pints in the Angel and White Horse in Tadcaster, with some change.

  • Pete S

    Thanks for that Peter. There are times when I hate living “dahn sarf ”
    Perhaps we ought to try for a meeting in Tadcaster area

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