Mystery Label #14

Chris P, one of our long standing members, has sent in an image of a ‘Mystery’ Guinness label. Now Chris is pretty clued up on all things Guinness, so for him to need your help is unusual in itself. So wander across to our ‘Mystery Label’ tab & find #14, have a look & see what you can add to the story. Once you have had a look & if you think the initials should read JLS, be warned, a web search will return in excess of 14 million pages. Apparently some young musical act uses these initials too.


  • alastairw

    Could it possibly be Jenners South London Brewery?

  • Pete S

    I wondered about that also, but not knowing any more than appears in Century. I was reluctant to suggest that as company was registered as Jenners Brewery Ltd in 1937 & name changed to South London Brewery Ltd in 1939. So what was it called prior to April 1937, was it just Jenners Brewery? If so then the other initials probably don’t work, especially as Chris P is dating this to c1900. Still hopefully the debate is now up & running & we will have to await the input of those with the real knowledge.

  • Dale Adams


    For what it is worth, here is some info on Jenner’s:
    Robert & Henry Jenner & Sons operated the South London Brewery, est 1760 until 1937 when Jenner’s Brewery Ltd was registered to acquire the business.

    So from this, the JSL could be the answer but some how I doubt it.


  • Michael Jones

    I would agree with Chris that the label dates c 1900. Monograms are tricky to decipher – the letters JLS could in reality be in order (that leaves 6 possiblities)

  • Peter Gilardi

    About time I added my little bit to this one ! I agree that the use of a monogram means the bottler must have been well known at the time – but is it actually a regular bottler ? How about a Wine Bar chain from the beginning of the 20th Century; or even a large department store. Obviously it’s not from Henekey’s (wine bars) or Harrods (dep’t stores) but there must have been quite a few similar companies who have now gone forever. Just a wee thought from Scotland to get you thinking away from the traditional areas.

  • Peter D

    I think Pete Gilardi has a very good point. Were you thinking of John Lewis Stores, who had 2 stores in London by 1905? John Lewis’ son was named John Spedan Lewis, who really built the group in the 1920s and 1930s. This is only a guess mind, after reading Pete’s reply.

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