Mystery Label #17

At yesterday’s meeting at the Royal Oak, Borough, South London there was plenty of discussion around the brewer of this beer. No agreement was reached. This is the example from my own collection which seemed to be destined for the Darlington Stores of the LNER, according to a note which accompanies the label. The debate yesterday, which may have been affected by the superb quality of the Harvey’s beers on offer, centred around McEwan and Red Tower Manchester. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mystery 18


  • alastair w

    Could this possibly be a Beverley’s of Wakefield beer specially brewed for one of the pre-nationalisation railway companies. Wakefield’s pretty near Doncaster. However, the eagle looks a little too “angry” for the normal Beverley eagle TM and my thoughts also turn to Clinch’s of Witney although the eagle, whilst of the same style as that of Clinch’s is the wrong way round. Mind you, there were an awful lot of “Eagle ” breweries around before the “suits” closed ’em all down.

    Nice label, which I think may have been attached to the outer edge of each crate of bottles to identify the product and destination.

  • Michael Jones

    This is a Scottish Export label – probably McEwan, Youngers or Jeffreys. I I have this label overprinted
    Bottler R. Cornfield Poona.
    Scottish breweries were very strong in business of exporting beers to the Empire and used many and varied names so as to appeal to the market the particular beer was aimed. The market collapsed on the outbreak of WWII and never recovered

  • Michael Jones

    This is a Scottish export label – probably Younger, McEwan or Jeffrey. Scottish brewers were very strong in exporting beers to the Empire (the trade collapsed on the outbreak WW11 and never recovered).
    I have this label with the overprint
    Bottler R. Cornfield Poona
    Many brand names were used which targetted the local market – quite why eagles are popular in Inda is beyond me

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