Mystery Label #19

You could almost believe I had planned it this way. After the excellent response to Mystery label #17, who do you think brewed this one? Not quite the same eagle, this one looks a bit Germanic, but in the past the same debate has taken place Scotland vs Manchester.

Golden Eagle


  • Keith Osborne

    I have this label amongst my Red Tower Lager Brewery, Manchester labels

  • Peter D

    Thanks Keith
    That is where I have it. Very pleased that you have confirmed that.

  • Onno Kleefkens

    Actually there is an oval example which states: “Brewed & Bottled in Holland”. I put it under Van Vollenhoven from Amsterdam.
    There is a lot of discussions about these type of labels which came as off 1914 from Dutch breweries like Van Vollenhoven, Phoenix and ZHB. Often difficult to place as the UK export bottlers just bought there beers as cheap as possible and coul hop from one to the other.
    After years of just ‘hard working’ at the job, I am getting retired and writing a re-issue on my book on the Phoenix Brewery from Amersfoort. This book was published in 2001 under the title ‘Opvallend Anders’, leaving many open questions.
    These can be solved hopefully.

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Onno
    Very interesting information! Many thanks for your input!
    Welcome to retirement and glad you are going to have time now to update your book. I hope that you will keep us up to date on your efforts. Do you plan to use a lot of illustrations in the re-issue? I for one hope that your are. Maybe we could even post a lot of them on this site as this type of label is always coming up and there seems to be very little information on them. The Scottish breweries of the period appear to have been very active in both exporting bottled and bulk beers to Europe and around the world and any information on labels used for these purposed is of great interest.

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