Mystery label #9

Mystery label #9 has been sent in by our friend from Croatia. He just asks if anyone knows who brewed it and when.



  • Alan Gibbs-Murray

    Hi , I have this label and two very similar under George Younger ! I will try and see why , but I believe Joan Connew had told me . Perhaps Keith or Mike can confirm for us , but I’m happy with G Younger until proven wrong . AGM

  • Dale Adams

    Hi Alan
    What does your Trade Mark research have on the “M” trade mark on this label? Possibly a good clue there?

  • Keith Osborne

    I have this label in my George Younger (Alloa) selection.

  • Peter D

    George Younger is where I have three labels with Morrison & Co and the ‘M’ mark, but I do not know the significance of the Morrison & Co. Where they exporters or importers, or perhaps local distributors in Rangoon? To add to the mystery, I have been sent the scan which appears as Mystery label #13

  • Alastair W

    Stork & Co were a firm of importers, shipping agents, retailers and general merchants in Burma serving the Empire and t British ex-pats.. They were into just about everything in the import/export and retail-wholesale market. (Whether or not they were into the exportation of Laudanum, I’m not sure!) I believe they also operated some ships. The business was a bit like Virgin & “the Bearded Jumper” are – ie, “If it makes money, let’s do it”. . They were, apparently, also a bit like other multiple traders are today in that they sold false manufacturers’ “brands”, so the “Morrison” and “M” was probably one of their marques indicating Scottish products.

  • Alastair W

    By the way, they also dealt in high value goods such as jewellery. I think their successor company is still around today.

  • Michael Jones

    It is yet another Scottish export label – I too have as George Younger, Alloa

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