NEW ISSUES from 28 October 2019

This latest update of newly issued labels has been added as part of the blog. We will use the responses to this to determine how we continue. It will be either a dedicated menu option or part of the blog. Newly established breweries or first bottlings are preceded by an asterix.

Adnams: Tally Ho 2018

Ainsty Ales: Cool Citra (can); Spellbound Real Butterscotch Beer (for Potions Cauldron)

*Alicehead Brewhouse: Erasmus IPA; Apollo Stout

All Day Brewing: Norfolk Green Hop Bottle Conditioned Sour

Andwell Brewing: Hop Dog (collab. with Sunny Republic)

*Atom Brewing: Parabola; Juneau; Tropic Catalyst (all cans)

Axholme Brewing: Blatic Porter Stealth Mode; Cleethorpes Pale Ale

*Bare Faced Brewing (Bournemouth): So You’ve Travelled?

Barsham Brewery: Stout Robin; bob Bitter Old Bustard; Oaks; Norfolk Topper (all circular)

Bath Ales: Festivity Winter Porter (front & back)

Batemans: Victory Ale

Beavertown Brewery: Cans – Quelle; Lolly Palooza (Collab. Slim Pickens Cider & Mead); Gamma Ray (Limited edition for Proud); Bandit Brew (Borderlands 3); One of Us (Spurs FC)

The Belgian Brewer: Saison; Cherry; Pale Ale

*Ben Nevis Brewery: Wit; Callout; Peat; Pale; Diesel

*Bentley Brook Brewing: March of the Gladiators; Mic. Hop (both in front and back and wraparound formats)

*Birdhouse Brewery: Best Bitter; American IPA; Oatmeal Stout

Big Smoke Brew Co. (Esher): Medicine Man; Dark Wave (cans)

Black Horse Brewing (brewed at Consortium Brewery, Louth): Willy Wickham’s Posthumous Ale; Mild Midlander; Black Horse Best Bitter; Seek Medical Help

Black Metal Brewery: Battering Ram

Brampton Brewery: New branding – Brampton Mild;  Ascalon; Brampton Stout; Monocled Mutineer; Winter Bock; Tudor Rose; Wasp Nest; Kuiper Belt; One Trick Pony; Golden Bud; Curse of the Bambino; WKD; 1302; Impy Dark; Terminus; Jerusalem; Speciale; Menin Gate Belgian Style Dubbel; Brampton Best (Limited Edition)

Brass Castle Brewery: Fruit Lupe (can)

*Breach Farm Brewing: Dummer Wheat Weizenboch; Villager Belgian Witt; Carolina American Pale; Dummer Down Farmhouse Ale; RGS Bourbon Vanilla Porter; All saints Extra Special Bitter

*Brennans Brewery (Eire): Original

Brew By Numbers: 21 (collab with Hobsons Brewery)

Brew Z: Pneumatic Butterflies (Collab. with Pinnora Brewing)

Brewery 58: Wallingford Bridge

*Brewhouse & Kitchen (Lichfield): Split Personalities; Lost Time (for Spirit Works)

*Brewhouse & Kitchen (Southbourne): Conker Bock

Burning Sky Brewery: Stock Ale; Blended Stock Ale; Monolith; Robust Porter; Petite Saison; Imperial Stout 2018

*Burwell Brewery: Judy’s Hole; Beer Fuggled; Double Beer Fuggled

Campervan Brewery: Transient New England IPA (can)

Castle Rock Brewery: Fruit v2 (can)

Charnwood Brewery: Black Fox

*Chelmsford Brew Co (Blueshack): Blueshack Bitter; Radio Wave; Port Jackson

*Clevedon Brewery: IPA; Gold; BS21; Percy’s Porter; Mild Mannered; Clevedon’s Best; Blonde

*Common Rioters Beer Co: Munitionettes (brewed at Brew Buddies)

*Cosmic Brewing Co (now closed: Bottles -$5 Shake Milk Stout; Walt White IPA; Buck US Pale Ale; Jack Rabbit Westcoast IPA; Plead the Fifth Steam Beer; Cans – It Goes to Show (Neipa); It Goes to Show (Hazelnut Brown Ale); You Never Can Tell (DDH IPA); You Never Can Tell (New England IPA)

*Creative Juices: The Slinky Vagabond (can)

Creaton Grange Ales: Four Sons; March Yard

*Croft Ales: Zetopia Pale Ale (can)

*Bragdy Cybi: Cwrw’r Borth (IPA); Cwrw’r Llan (Bitter); Cwrw’r Bae (Blonde Ale)

Dark Revolution Brewery: Ripple; Jungle Juice; Goa Express (cans)

*Docks Beers: Windpower;Leap of Death; Overtime; Golden Hour (collab. with Magic Rock); Risky Biscuitness (collab. with Vocation Brewery)

*Dog Falls Brewing: Can labels – Awaroa; Five Horizons; Red Hook; Split the Tree; Colloidoscope (wraparound); White Label Series – Colloidoscope; Red Hook

*Donzoko Brewing Co: Northern Helles (can – brewed at Gipsy Hill, London)

Downton Brewery: Chimera; Bogus Buffalo (new designs)

*Draycott Brewing: California Steam; Lamb & Flag; Top of the Hops; USA Liberty 1776; Breaston Four Shilling

*Drop Project (Brewed at Missing Link Brewery): Glassy; Shifty; Lip Smack

Durham Brewery: Magus; Benedictus (both redesigned)

*Ealing Brewery: Pocahontas; TW8; IRS; Brentford XXB; Blondins Barrel

*East India Brewing: Warsang Lager (part of London Beer LAB)

Eight Arch Brewing: Easy Life; Little Dragon; Charlie Doesn’t Play Piano; Tap Dance Disco (collab with Big Smoke Brew Co); Ancients of Mu Mu

*Elements Brewing: Farmhouse Saison; Dark Wolf; Session; Tropical Daze

The Emsworth Brewhouse: Cans – Portside; Flotilla; Wodehouse; Starboard; Skipa; Mainsail; Vanilla Stout 2019 Christmas Special

*Exale Brewing: Tottenham Coolshop (bottle); Exale Pale; Der Titan; Krankie (cans); Ritual; Exale Pale (30 litre keg labels)

Eyam Brewery: Bubonic Orange Stout

*Firehouse Brewery: Wobbly Weasel; Pride of Fulstow; Lincolnshire Coutry Bitter; Northway IPA

*Freestar: Alcohol Free Beer (bottle and can)

*Friendship Adventure Brewery: Heist Lager;  Smoke & Salt Pale Ale; Smoke & Salt No 5

*Full Circle Brew Co: Repeater; Looper; Hoop (Cans)

*Gan Yam Brewing: Kendal Mintcake Stout

*Glen Affric Brewery: Cans – Highland Suntan Extra Pale Ale Fast Tag Pale (Special Edition)

*Goodwood Brewery (brewed by Hepworths): Lucky Leap; Grogger; St. Simon Lager

Guinness: Original Extra Stout

Harviestoun Brewery: IPA; Amber Ale (Partnership with Cast Iron Bar & Grill); Auchterarder Seventy (The Gleneagles Hotel)

Hawkshead Brewery: Lager; Great White; Lakeland Gold; Session IPA; ITI; Five Hop

Heaney Farmhouse Brewery (Ulster): Irish Red Ale

Heritage Brewing: It’s A Cracker; SSAFA (Armed Forces Charity) Celebration Ale; St. Modwen Golden Ale; Czar’s P2 Imperial Stout; Classic Bitter; Fireside Ale; Red; Gold; Kent Life; Masterpiece

*Hidden Lane Brewery: TA Tropic Ale; 88/=; Al’s Session Lager (in memory of Al Blair)

Hop Back Brewery: Summer Lightning (front, back & neck)

*Hop & Hemp Brewing: Easy Times IPA; Lowdown Lager

Hoppy Family Brewery: Pale Ale; Hellberry; Strong Ale; HellP (Chilli & Grapefruit)

Hornes Brewery: Black Antler

Inkspot Brewery (40 Streatham Common South): Black Lager; St. Reatham Lager; Little Saint Lager

*Iron Pier Brewery: Burgundy BA Brown Stout; Speyside BA Imperial Stout

*Ivybridge Brewing Co: Erme Pale; Evening Porter

Jubel Beer: Grapefruit

*Jump Ship Brewing: Yardarm Lager (0.5%)

Korruptd Brew Ko: All That Glimmers; Rhabarber Dreieck

Lacada Brewery (Ulster): Devil’s Washtub

Lennox Brewery: Sun on the Rock

Little Goat Brewery: Gafr Fach

Longdog Brewery: Milestones IPA (for Milestones Museum)

Loose Cannon Brewery: Robust British Porter; Cans – Session IPA; Oxford Pils; Double IPA

Mad Cat Brewery: Criospin Ale (for Crispin Inn, Sandwich)

Magic Dragon Brewing: Eyton Gold

Marble Brewery: Damage Plan

*Matlock Wolds Farm Brewery: Riber Gold; Star; Simcoe; Classic Porter; The Bitter End?; Matlock Hydro (for Crich Tramway Museum)

*Bragdy Mona: IPA; Eilian

Moncada Brewery: Big Ole Beer (Collab. with Haand Bryggeriet)

Moog Brew: Meads End address – Apocalypse Cow; Pretty in Pink; Selina Saison; Fast Gerald’s Stout; Selina Lemon Saison;  Mr. Bunny’s Barley Wine; Bastard Bunny Strikes Back; Wigmore’s Wake Up; Wigmore’s Right Proper Porter

*Nailmaker Brewing Co: Chocolate Safari Stout; Chocolate Safari Stout (Extra); Auckland Pale Ale; Anvil Porter; Clout Stout; Wentworth IPA; Cascade Pale Ale; Wapentake Pale Ale; Mosaic Pale Ale; Chinook Pale Ale

Nethergate Brewery: Venture

New Lion Brewery: Mudskipper (collab. with Roam Brewing)

Nirvana Brewery: Rok Soba Zero Fear

Nobbys Brewery: Festival Ale (for Freemasons); New set – Best Bitter; Goldings; American Pale Ale; Plum Porter

North Brewing Co: Full Fathom Five; Double IPA (Collab. with Pollys Brew Co) Both cans

Oakham Ales: Green Devil (changed label)

O’Connor Craft Beer (Ulster): A Beer Has No Name (Amber Ale)

Opa Hay’s Brewery: Last Christmas with EU

Otter Brewery: Tarka4 (can)

Overtone Brewing: Idaho 7 – Neipa (can)

Panther Brewery: Jungle IPA

Pastore Brewing & Blending: Pilsner; Peach & Apricot Waterbeach Weisse; Passion Fruit & Guava Waterbeach Weisse; In Castigo

*Phantom Brewing: Junk Food IPA; Meadow Road IPA (both cans)

*Piglove Brewing: Phantasticum Hop Healer IPA; Phantasticum Limbus Imperial Stout (both cans)

Pillars Brewery: Vienna Berry Smash

*Pinnora Brewing: Spring Ekuanot; Matrimonial beers – Nothing But the Grain; Brewed a Hard Six

Polly’s Brew Co: Avery India Stout; Double IPA (cans)

Poppyland Brewery: Stewkey Bles (changed label); South Island (Collab. with Norfolk Brewhouse); Indian Summer Limited Edition; Indian Summer; Shipden Stout; Coddiwomple (changed label); Whispering Coast; Lazy Sunday

Pressure Drop Brewery: IDA; One Good Reason; Fashion London Porter; Beer Art Series 11 – DDH Pale; Two Weeks in Florida (Collab. with Deya)

Purple Moose Brewery: Russell’s Revenge (West Highland Railway)

Quantock Brewery: QB USA East; QB UK

Ramsgate Brewery (Gadds): Spread of Democracy; No 11 (front & back)

*Richard Burton Ales (RBA): A Absolution – Black IPA; AP Asylum Porter; B Barabbas Red IPA; SC Snake Charmer Blonde Ale; T Tributum Pale Ale

*Roman Way Brewery: IPA Claudius; Pantheon EPA; Boudicca Black IPA

Runaway Brewery: Gari Gose (collab. With Umezushi)

St. Peter’s Brewery: Without (Non alcoholic)

*Salt Brewery: Jute Session IPA; Ikat DDH DIPA; Drawboy India Pale Lager; Citra NEIPA JNR; Hex Lager; Alpaca DDH IPA; Bowline Porter (Collab. with Docks Beers) (all cans)

Severn Vale Brewery: TSB

Sheffield Brewery: Berlin Black Breakfast Stout (collab. with Frazers, coffee roasters)

Signature Brew (Walthamstow): Krfsht (Limited Edition); Reverb (Limited Edition); Big Beat (Limited Edition); Raw Power (Collab. with Negne); Unplugged (Collab. with Honest Brew); Kong (Collab. with Troxy)

*Grwp Silwriad: Bragawd Ceridwen Braggot Honey Beer) – brewed at Rhymney

*Simple Things Fermentations: No 01 European Pale Ale; No. 02 Smoked Rye Porter

Samuel Smith’s: Sam’s Brown Ale Low Alcohol

*Square One Brewing: Chase Rainbows; Whistle in the Dark; Sweeten the Pot; Lone Wolf (closed end January)

Station 1-1-9 Brewery: IPA; Black IPA; New England IPA; Session IPA; Double IPA; Pale Ale

Steel Brew Co: Black & Tan Milk Stout; Chairman Meow; Post Turtle; Forged; Drake’s Persuasion

*Stratton Lane Brewing: Tawny; First Gold

St. Peters Brewery: Suffolk Gold; English Pale Ale; Cream Stout (new shape)

*Summershed Brewery: Nell’s Obelisk Indian Pale Ale; Beacon Sunset Ruby Ale; Peter the Wild Boy Pale Ale; Grand Union India Pale Ale; The Great Train Robbery Extra Special Bitter; Hell Fire Export Porter

*Tarn Hows Brewery: Pale; Blueberry & Vanilla Oatmeal Stout

Teignworthy Brewery: Cor Bugga! (wraparound)

Tempest Brewing: A Face with no Name (can)

Thornbridge Brewery: Satzuma; Cocoa Wonderland; Fresa (collaboration with Fourpure Brewing); The Wednesday (for Sheffield Wednesday FC); New style rect. labels – Saint Petersburg; Lukas

*Three Acre Brewery: Best Bitter; Pale Ale

Torrside Brewing: One Way Ticket to Pluto

Track Brewing Co: Half Dome (can)

*Turning Point Brew Co: Thousands of Evils Stout; Space Ritual IPA; Disco King APA; Wavelength Mosaic Super Pale; Vision Quest Mosaic IPA; Circle Game Simcoe IPA; Headhunter Juicy Session Pale; Lucid Dream Nitro Milk Stout; I Talk to the Wind Raspberry & Vanilla Sour; Dream Catcher Imperial Stout; In Search of Space DIPA; Powerful SDense of Dread Chocolate Maple Stout (Collab. with Kees); Doom Stooge Triple Fruited IPA (Collab. with Liquid Light)

*Turpins Brewery (Cambridge): Underback Pils; Cambridge Black Stout; Mango Milkshake Pale Ale; NAPA (all cans)

*Twisted Kettle Brewing Co: Deadman’s Island IPA; Lost Horizon Macaccino Milk Stout (collab. with Nitro Coffee)

*Two Towns Down Brewing (branch of 71 Brewing): Step On; My Propeller (cans)

Two Tribes Brewery: Power Plant Natural Lager

Twt Lol (Trefforest Brewery): Horny Goat Ale

*Utopian Brewing: Vienna Keller Lager; British Pilsner; Dark Lager (all cans)

*Vaguely Brewing: Green Hop

Vault City Brewing: Blood Orange Sour

Vocation Brewery: Hang Loose (Collab. With Magic Rock Brewing – can)

*Wayoh Brewing Co: Mayor’s Gold

Westerham Brewery: Kuwa (bottle; Fortnum & Mason IPA; Fortnum & Mason English Red Ale; Fortnum & Mason Christmas Ale; National Trust Pale Ale; National Trust Kentish Red Ale; Jakes Session IPA; Wally Winker’s Death by Chocolate

Whitby Brewery: Black Death Gothic Stout; Mad Monk Trappist; Fossil Fuel IPA

Windmill Hill Brewing: Zen Zero Pale Ale; New branding – The Chesterton; Pump Room Porter; Grindstone; Table Beer; Amber Post

*Zest Brewery: Zest IPA; Betelguese; Zesty Blonde (can); Firecracker (can)

71 Brewing: Cans – Tarocco’s Modern Life (Special Edition); Valleys Between (Special Edition); Two Fruits No Stones (Collab. with Vibrant Forest Brewery)

8 Sail Brewery: Baltic Porter; Box O’ Frogs; Innkeeper; Red Windmill; In with the New; Rocket to the Moon; John Barleycorn IPA; Fen Slodger; Ploughman’s Lunch; Dark Side of the Mill; One Small Step (Commemorating Moon Landing 1969); Little Willy (100th anniversary of Armistice Day)


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