Nick’s Desert Island Beer Labels #3

Pattisons’ – Extra Hopped Beer

Another lovely older label with a marvellous Trade Mark. As mentioned previously, this has been in my collection for a very long time. I first started collecting beermats (and some labels) when at school. I spent a lot of time writing off to breweries and thus have masses of (not very exciting) 1960’s labels. Unfortunately for obvious financial reasons – related to being at school –I did not in those days seek to acquire much older labels at auctions etc. (something of course I now regret!).


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  • Pete S

    Well this looks like another envy making choice of labels. Only 3 in and I am looking greenish, if the rest are as good, I will be lawn green all over. Maybe just because of the very nice Scottish labels, so if the rest are English or Welsh, I may just remain a delicate shade of a mixture of blue & yellow.
    Looking forward to the next few days. Who is up next after Nick D?

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