One year old today #6; Spot the difference #45; Courage & Co

Last one for today. I really believe you can only tell these apart if you have both in front of you at the same time. Two Brown Stout labels from the Anchor Brewery, Horselydown.

Courage Brown Stout


  • PeteS

    Very sneaky, are there issues with cockerel as well. Or is it just too much ink on one?

  • Peter D

    I think the cockerels are different, not just inking. Compare the position of the feet in relation to the word ‘BREWERS’, the shading on the wings, There are so many slight differences as well, the ‘N’ in Brown Stout, the angle of the ‘R’ in Courage as well as the positioning of the ‘&’ in London & Alton. It is a completely different die for the printing, but the question is: Are there similar differences in other labels??

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