Pryor Reid & Co Ltd of Hatfield

This brewery has been added to our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. Some very nice old & rare labels are shown. More information is available by following this link, courtesy of Hatfield Historical Society.


  • Ian Stewart

    I found this article on the internet which may be of interest to members

  • Alastair Wallace

    Re: “click here on Pryor Reid & Co Lt of Hatfield” – I think someone’s hijacked the “Click Here” on the Pryor Reid & Co Ltd of Hatfield “Recent Comments” post. It diverts you to some sort of money page. Might be an idea to take the comment down. P.S, there are some programs you can get to divert trash back to the piggy-backing hijack website ISP – now that might sort these guys out getting a bit of their own hijacking.

  • Peter D

    Thank you Alastair. It is no more.

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