Railways #10 – Loco Brewery??

I hope that this label will provoke some discussion, as there is no mention of this brewery in CoBB++. Firstly thanks to both Nick D & Peter D, for sending scans of the label for this month’s theme. I am guessing that having a surname begining with D enhances ones chance of acquiring this label, but maybe just a happy coincidence, eh!

Loco label

My limited research indicates that it may have been brewed by the Yorkshire Clubs Brewery, whilst they were based in Pocklington, from about 1925 until the move to York in 1933. If this is the case, did the Loco Brewery Co. ever actually exists?

As to the loco on the label, well I think it is a former GNR Ivatt Atlantic C1 no: 4430, but if you know better……………………………..


  • Onno Kleefkens

    You are right about the loc!

  • AlastairW

    The “Loco” brewery began life as “The Old Brewery” in Chapmansgate, Pocklington and was owned by Robert Cattle & Co. It was bought out by Tadcaster Tower Brewery with 10 pubs in 1921 and put up for sale. In 1924 it was bought by the Yorkshire Clubs Brewery who brewed there using the “Loco Ales” trademark and eventually sold again in 1933 after Yorkshire Clubs moved to their brand new brewery in Huntington on the outskirts of York. It wasn’t a large brewery, having only a 16 brl brew-length (about the size of one of today’s micros). Its mash tun could deal with 450kg of malt (3 Brewers’ Quarters).

  • Pete S

    Onno & Alastair
    Thanks for your comments guys. Pleased to know I was on the right tracks (sorry!)

  • Trevor Chalmers

    Sorry Pete, the loco depicted is more like an A3 with a 4-6-2 Pacific wheel arrangement. The Ivatt Atlantic had a 4-4-2 wheel arrangement and looked very diffent to the loco on the label.

    I think I have your email address – will send you some pictures.

  • Pete S

    Delighted to be wrong. This label has generated the most reaction so far in this theme. In close up I thought number was 4430. Should have looked at wheels more closely. Is the number wrong or am I loosing the plot (again).

  • Radek Kwiecien

    very nice label

  • Nick D.

    Pete – looking at the label with a magnifying glass, I don’t think the third number is a 3. It could be a 2 or a 7 !
    Regards, Nick.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    My sources tell me this is an A3 Pacific Loco, probably Great Northern which was 4470 in the LNER numbering system . I think the name Great Northern would be appropriate for a label coming from North Yorkshire. I wondered if there were any other labels in existence from this brewery, so that someone could check to see if the number was clearer.

  • Pete S

    Thanks for all the comments & suggestions re the loco in this label. Lets hope we can generate a similar amount on a future post.

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