Railways #2 – Steam

Of course Steam will be the motive power of many of this month’s offerings. Although we may well be able to find the odd diesel or electric example.

This label is from Arkell’s, who have a long association with the Great Western Railway, dating back to the founding of the brewery in 1843.

Steam GWR #2

STEAM is the very appropriate name of the excellent museum of the GWR in Swindon. The railway town which grew up in Swindon with the advent of the GWR, should be remembered for much more than just it’s railway heritage.

It was the site of the first public lending library in the UK and offered public health care for its workers.

In fact Nye Bevan the founder of the NHS said, “There was a complete health service in Swindon. All we had to do was expand it to the country”.

Our next offering will take us away from the GWR. Not sure quite where yet, but we will be going by train, of course!

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