Scottish label sales

The Society has taken possession of a large quantity of labels which were the spares accumulated over 40 years by a member who has decided they were better offered to members than stored in his garage. Proceeds from sales will be split between the society and his chosen charity. There are just short of 100 labels featured today and it is just a start. Others will appear on the website in the future and also in our regular postal auctions. Membership does have its benefits. Orders to Peter Dickinson. Payments to the Society Paypal address, or the Society’s bank account, with note Scottish label sales.

There is a new top level menu item, click on this link’ Scottish Labels Sales


  • John Hedington

    Is it possible to make payment for ant I want to buy into the Society Bank Account?

  • Peter D

    Hi John
    Yes of course. I shall add to the options

  • John Hedington

    Thanks Peter. Bids to come later. John

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