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Apologies for the lack of labels with prices, that will resume in a couple of days. We have been adding labels steadily over the last few months and it’s time to give you an update. Thanks to a number of members, Keith and Mike to name just two and John for some of the US additions.

Brewers in Scotland. The main addition has been modern labels. I think we need your views on this as it is a big change in focus for the website and it will take considerable work.

George Shaw and Co, Leigh. A set of images, many of which were captured on a phone. We would appreciate a set of clearer images.

Brewers in Lancashire. A number of previously unrepresented breweries.

Pre-Prohibition labels from the USA. Some really attractive labels here.

Post Prohibition labels from the US. A large number added here.

Plus there are one or two in lots of other breweries, Richdale, Lacon and Mason come to mind.

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