Site update; Record number of visitors in one day, Coronation labels

Once again we have passed the previous record for the most unique visitors in one day. Yesterday 225 different people visited our site.

Today we have added to the 1953 Coronation label section; Barnsley Brewery Co, Cobb, Hull Brewery Co, John Joule, 2 different Marstons and Tennant Brothers. A number of questions arise. There is a white version of the Barnsley. Is that a Coronation issue or later?  There are now three Marstons labels . I guess the second one is for beer not bottled at the brewery. Does anyone have a variation bottled by anyone else? Had an email from Alan, who said he believed the plum coloured Cobb label was the Coronation issue. I had always believed the purple and silver was the one, the crowns and silver bits seem appropriate. Which is it? The Tennant label is possibly taken from the only example in existence. If this is not the case, please send a better image.


  • AGM

    Confirmed by Keith , the plum / maroon coloured COBB is the 53 Coro. I have also sent the correct Morland 53 Coro , and not sure if others are aware that Morrells 37 Coro and 53 Coro are very similar – but different sizes and different crowns. I am currently trying to find out if the TOLLY ROYAL – No 1 barley wine (oval) is anything to do with the 53 Coronation. From all the hits the site gets , I hope others will post comments on any of the blogs. Good to share information . Alan

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    So what is the status of the purple and silver Cobb? Why would the brewery go to the trouble of producing a label with crowns and a silver effect if it wasn’t to celebrate something Royal. I know the plum coloured one has some Royal connection but not as strong. And what is the status of the Morland ‘Queens Toast’ label? Celebration of her breakfast? And has Keith not got his own computer?

  • Dale Adams

    I concur with Keith on the status of the plum/maroon coloured COBB as being the 53 coro. label from that brewery. The other is simply a label, one of several that continued to be issued as the beer must have proved popular enough for the brewery to continue producing it many year after the coronation year. I have seen at least 4 different versions of non-coronation Crown IPA. Cheers, Dale

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