Spot the Difference #157; Hardy’s Crown Brewery

I have to admit, this is another pair that I didn’t know existed. Another thank you to Nick for sending the images in. If only more members had the time and energy to send in their ‘finds’. The question these two Strong Ale labels raises is: ‘ why? ‘


  • Charlie D

    No answer to the question ‘why?’ unfortunately, but rather another question. Where was the Hardy’s brewery and is this where the pub Hardy’s Well gets its name?

  • Eric Doré

    Another I have missed! The version on the left is surely more logical so, maybe, the version on the right is earlier and was being “corrected” by a pedantic brewery official. A guess (of course it is) and maybe you know better!

  • Peter D

    Hardy’s Brewery was in Hulme and disappeared in the wholesale redevelopment of the area in the 1960s. The streets around it no longer exist but I believe the site is now part of Trinity High School & Sports Centre. Hardy’s Well used to be the Birch Villa and like many of their their pubs had Hardy’s Crown Ales tilework. Hardy’s well lost the Crown Ale part of it, but the best place to see the full signage is the Hope Inn in Stockport.

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