Spot the Difference #175; Meux’s Brewery Co

A big thank you to Geoff for sending in the two images of Meux’s London Pale Ale. Until now we had both thought that the main difference between the two labels was in the text to the right of the label. Neither of us had noticed the change in the shield and crest. It would be good if this post sent you scurrying to look at your collection.

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  • Eric Dore

    There is at least two further versions of this label. I have one copy which is very similar to the one on the left hand side above but with a full stop after the printing down the left hand edge and other minor printing differences. Also a 4th which is similar to the right hand image but again with very minor printing differences. Thought you might like to know – or maybe not!

    Perhaps on a more interesting point is that there is a fascinating note on the history of the brewery in Society NL 6/1972. It is tucked away in a history of Friary Meux. Members who would like a copy please apply to me,

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