Spot the difference #62; Massey’s Burnley Brewery

Had a couple of drinks, a chat and a look at some labels with friends on Thursday night. Lovely evening in the Trackside Bar and I came away with a swap box and told not to expect anything fantastic. A few happy hours going through a large number of labels and up comes a label from Masseys. Looks a bit different to the one I have, a quick look through the Lancashire No. 1 album and there is is similar but definitely different example. You all know how keen I am on small variations and to find a new one from a brewery that was only 10 miles away, that’s fantastic.

My original is on the the left, the one I had not seen before on the right.

Massey 2


  • Dale Adams

    Very interesting! I have the label on the right which seems to be the ‘common’ one. From the condition of the label on the right; slight discolouration and the date code notches on the upper right, this looks like a ‘soak’?

    I find the date code notches an outstanding feature on this label and they fascinate me! As I recall, these usually read in reverse order so year-month-day instead of day-month-year so…. could this label have been pasted on a bottling on say the 2nd of January 1954???


  • Fascinated by beer labels

    I had not seen the label on the right before. I have two different Golden Bitter Beer labels with the same two designs. But I have only got one Pale Ale. The owl has the same pattern on his front as the left label, so I wonder if there is another one with the same pattern as the right label.
    I find Dale’s comment about the date code notches really interesting. I knew they must have some significance but never knew what. I will be keeping a close eye out in the future.
    Peter: The Tithe Barn is in Cockermouth!

  • PeteS

    I will post some interesting info about the cuts on the edge of these & other labels tomorrow, all being well. I think many of you will find this informative.

  • Dale Adams

    So Pete; Using your Codedge method, what do you make the date of this label to be?

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