Spot the difference #76; Holt Brothers of Burnham

All the information from the ABBC indicated that there were two variations of Holts 1953 Coronation label. I have heard discussions at some time as to whether one of them was from 1937. Finally, after about 30 years, I now know there are two different colours, but are they both from 1953 or is one earlier?

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  • Keith O

    The short answer is – I don’t know! Although I have both labels, I have surmised that one was for 1937 and the other for 1953 but I don’t have any proof!

    Have a look at this photo from the Bottlers Year Book at the time of the 1937 Coronation – can you spot a Holts label on any of the bottles?

    I am afraid I need to investigate further. I wonder if any of the brewery publications (Brewers Journal, Brewing Trade Review) had a list at the time?

    I am chasing one possibility but no guarantee that it will reveal the answer!


  • Richard L

    This question has come up a few times,firstly the mauve label is very common the red being the rare one,if you ever see them they will set you back around three figures,there must be a reason for that. I have two full bottles of the mauve Holts label, they both came from the family of the brewer, they are both identical except each bottle has a date written in ink on the label and different handwriting one is dated 1937 the other 1953. I cant see any reason why this should not be believed,as for the red label I really have no idea,maybe a continuation of the 1953 label perhaps. I would be interested to know ?.Regards Richard.

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