Stan’s Desert Island Beer Labels #5

My father worked for quite a few companies in the North East. He was lucky to find work when he left school, there was a lot of unemployment, but his father managed to find him a position at Wood and Watson’s bottling works in Durham. All he did at first was the heavy lifting, barrels, casks, crates of empties, the lot. After a while he was allowed to go with the drivers on deliveries. I expect some other new recruit got the lifting jobs. Wood and Watson had a contract to bottle for quite a lot of Scottish brewers for sending all over the North East and sometimes further away. They did a lot for James Deuchar after the Monkwearmouth Brewery closed in 1930.


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  • Pete S

    Developing in to a great set of DIBLs. Say thanks to Stan for taking the time to contribute & thus increase both our knowledge & enjoyment. Happy days!

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