Stan’s Desert Island Beer Labels #8

Our family have always spent time together. Regular days out on the train or bus and when we could afford it, maybe a week in a guest house. The children always preferred the seaside, so the Yorkshire coast resorts were popular destinations. The adults wanted to go to Whitby, and the young ones liked Scarborough best. I guess the adults got their choice once in a while. My grandchildren say they prefer Magaluf.

Scarborough & Whitby

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  • Dale Adams

    like many, I have really been enjoying ‘Stan’s’ DIBL’s. But who is this mystery-man ‘Stan’??? Is he a member of the Society? Have I met him at any of our meetings??? Seems like such an interesting guy I wish I had a chance to talk to him and get more details on all these connections to the brewing industry!
    Further as to this great label from Scarborough & Whitby, I am not sure why, but I really like the visuals of this label as it seems to have such great graphics and eye appeal! Seeing it sent me to my albums to check out what labels I have from this brewery as I was sure that I have never seen this particular issue. As it happens, I only have 3 labels from S&B and none are this one. Maybe we should get a few scans together and add S&B to our gallery? What do you think?

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