Unusual names for a Stout #21; The

We will finish this series of unusual Stout names with what I think is the strangest name of them all.  Nalder & Collyer of Croydon produced a number of Stouts, but this one is The Stout. What was it about this brew that warranted that name? Perhaps a brewer or manager with a sense of humour?


  • Edd Mather

    Hi All,
    Was this a tongue in cheek dig at Fremlin’s?, as I seem to remember that they also used an Elephant on some beer labels.
    Edd Mather

  • Eric Dore

    Thanks Peter for an excellent series. A shame that for many of the Stouts we have no idea why they were called what they were called! What’s the next series?

  • Onno Kleefkens

    Hi All,
    Elephant has also been a brand name used by the Liverpool bottler W.E. Johnson, exporting mainly to Australia. Johnson was taken over 1937 by MacFee (read ‘A bottle of Guinness please’ by David Hughes).
    It occurs also on one of the Pilsener Export labels by Phoenix Amersfoort.

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