Yet Another Milestone, Way to Go!

The site has passed the 300,000 visits mark today, not at all bad for our niche pastime. Since we went ‘live’ in June 2013 that averages over 17,500 visits per month. I will leave further analysis to the other half of the team, as he is far better versed in mathematics than I am. I am easily confused when I run out of fingers.

A great achievement and we must thank all of our contributors, who have taken the time & made the effort to support our website. We would of course like to thank even more of you, by the time we hit our next target. There are many more of our members able to add to our ever growing number of label related themes, so we hope one or two of you (hopefully more) will feel suitably encouraged to drag out you albums, dust off the scanner or camera. There must be lots of ‘Mystery Labels’ awaiting classification, Coronation labels we have not yet included and of course those rare labels that very few others have seen.

We look forward to hearing from you, you can always do your 10 favourite labels for the ‘Desert Island’ section.

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