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We have made a number of improvements to the site in the last couple of days. The Mystery Label series is creating a great deal of interest and some of that has translated into an increase in contributions. The Brewers in Scotland section has had a number of additions.  McEwans and William Younger are finally represented. It was the vast number of labels out there that made the choice really difficult. I hope you find them interesting. This section now has 100 images and not yet finished. I wonder if it would be better to split into Edinburgh and the Rest of Scotland. What do you think??

A great vote of thanks to a keen follower from Croatia. Not a Society member, but someone who has collected labels from around the world for a considerable length of time. He has sent me a number of images which will find their way onto the site in the coming weeks. We have started by adding to the labels in the featured brewery section for Soulby, Sons & Winch, Wells Watford Brewery, Hambridge Brewery, Mew Langton and Parkers of Burslem. These additions are really welcome. The Soulby section has been revitalised at the same time to give dating information.

Why Oh Why has it been a non member of the Society living in a country far away, who has taken the trouble to mail in images of labels from his collection when members of the Society and even elected officers find it so hard.

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  • Pete S

    Well between you & Croatia, some really good images have been added. I think for time being leave Scotland as is and as to why only a few people are contributing, I pass.
    I know it has been thought that the armchair syndrome has caused numbers to drop at meetings. However I think that meetings have been better attended over last couple of years. So I guess we just need to persuade members to slide their armchairs across the room and position them carefully in front of their PC, tablet, laptop, mobile, whatever & scan some labels or even write some articles. We can easily accommodate some more pages!!!!

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