Adrian’s Desert Island Beer Labels #4

Back in Yorkshire for this one. The two people from different social classes enjoying a pint together, no sign of snobbery or envy. I wonder whose viewpoint this was. Is it coincidence that this is another black and red colour combination?



  • Charlie D

    A very nice label. What year is it from? Very interesting to see the idea of unity between different social classes considering Bradford has undergone integration of a new kind in more recent years. It would be nice to see people of the modern age adopting the slogan ‘Unity is Strength’ although I fear the picture would make a rather controversial beer label!

  • AlastairW

    Ah, but notice the glasses. The insurance salesman/spiv/ Tory MP is drinking out of a “sleever” (thought of as being “posh” and Lounge Bar) whilst the artisan has a mug which was associated with Public Bar beer swillers.

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Alastair! For one glorious moment there, I thought you were going to mention tax havens.

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