Advent Calendar Day 1

I just had to start with this. Backwoods B*Stard from Founders Brewing Co in Grand Rapids Michigan. A bottle arrived at my house earlier this week and I couldn’t help noticing the advertising.

Steady Now!

This ain’t no lawn-mowing’ beer!

An Imperial Stout at somewhere over 11% ABV, I think I understand why. Two things I want from you. Is it as good as the 100 rating from one beer rating site and what would you describe as a lawn-mowing beer?


  • Trevor Chalmers

    Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf at 11.2abv. Alao a good Christmas ale !

  • Pete S

    Drink one of those & I wouldn’t let you loose with a pair of shears.
    Also a question, why do Trumplanders have to bring ‘grass’ into everything?

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Badger Harvesters Ale is definitely lawn mowin’ beer. You could drink several pints and still keep the lines straight. Or bring in a field of barley.

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