Advent Calendar Day 10

Canada celebrates Christmas as well. I suspect this label is from the 1930s but that is only a guess. The US and Canadian brewing industry was very close, many breweries in the two countries had common ownership.

Canada persisted for some time with alcohol content as proof spirit; it gives the impression of the beer being stronger.kootenay-breweries-ltd


  • PeteS

    Our Canadian members should appreciate this one. What do you think Mark or Terry?

  • Mark

    I think it will be Terry.

  • Terry

    I think it will be Mark.

  • PeteS

    Ho Ho Ho. Is suggested date correct? Is it rare?
    Do you like it?

  • Dale Adams

    Great graphic design on this label. I bet it had great ‘shelf appeal’! Come on Mark & Terry, surely you can impart some Canadian knowledge???? By the way, how deep is the snow this time of year in Canada? Planning a White Christmas with your feet up in front of a roaring fire with a nice bit of strong winter ale to sip???

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