Advent Calendar Day 17

More from the United States today. The first two are from before the first World War. Note the shortened form of Christmas on the Excelsior label, abbreviated to fit, despite a label bigger than 4 inches across, and the alcohol content on the Diamond Spring Special. The third is from the prohibition era and wouldn’t have the same effect as a few bottles of Delirium Christmas, despite the presence of the Lithium Carbonate.






  • PeteS

    Lithium Carbonate, what does this say about good ol’ US of A during prohibition. Used nowadays to treat bipolar (manic depressive disorder) disease.
    Mind you I am not happy if I can’t have a beer.

  • Peter D

    4.266 parts per what? I suspect it may be parts per million rather than parts per litre. Or even parts per bottle.
    West Bend Lithia Company used the Lithium Carbonate content of their water in their name and in their advertising, certainly into the 1930s. The later labels in my collection are still using the name West Bend Lithia but no longer specify 4.266 parts Lithium Carbonate. It was 1948 that its use to treat manic disease was discovered.

  • PeteS

    Fair enough but was it cos no Lithia customers suffered from bipolar?

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