Advent Calendar Day 18

Today is ‘Spot the difference’ day. It might lead you to think that we will be uploading a set of labels from Courage & Co Ltd in the next week or so and you would be right. Pairs from different eras of Courage labels with subtle differences.


hampshire-bitter-1920s-1 extra-stout-1920s-std



  • PeteS

    Different sizes & shaded chickens I get, but why the shank downward anchor? Just looks so wrong.

  • John C

    Chickens!! Chickens!! How could anyone possibly mistake my beloved cockerels with a chicken. Did we design any other labels with the highlighting to the company name? And I thought I told everyone that the full stop after our breweries was unnecessary.

  • PeteS

    Sorry John. However it was one way of getting a reaction. Now what about the upside down anchor?

  • John C

    Following ouija discussions and a browse through the celestial archives, it seems the ‘upside down’ anchor was in regular use just after we bought the Alton brewery, the ‘right way up’ anchor only began to be used regularly after the war.

  • PeteS

    Thanks for the update. Exactly the type of information we hope to see shared.

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