Advent Calendar Day 24

For Christmas Eve we offer a puzzle. As I was driving home a couple of days ago, there was a particularly fine album playing on the sound system. Actually it was album no. 107 on the memory stick. I thought this would be a great idea. Decode the clues suggested by the six labels pictured below to find the name of the artist, the album and the particular track that was playing when the idea first germinated. Answers to the by Thursday 28th December. All communications will be added to the comments section that evening. There may even be a small prize. Don’t let me down.



  • Edd Mather

    A few Crackers there Peter ; sorry for the seasonal pun , couldn’t resist ! .
    A Merry Christmas to all in the Labologist’s Society ; in particular ,those members who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Label of the Year ‘weekend’ .

  • Brendan Bush

    This was put together by an evil genius with a liking for really obscure pieces of music. Unless of course I can rearrange the labels.

  • Eric Dore

    As my emails to the webmaster email address are being returned

    Hi Peter

    Great track!

    Happy Christmas!

    Cheers, Eric

  • Geoff Carrington

    Great music
    Classic album
    Happy Christmas

  • Geoff Carrington

    Oops, I didn’t read your preamble properly and now I’ve spoiled it for everyone.

  • Peter D

    No you haven’t, I managed to edit your spoiler, hopefully with little damage.

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