Advent Calendar Day 6

Two for you today. Both of these labels are about 100 years old and raise the question of why American Brewers were far more aware of the sales potential of beers that celebrate Christmas and other festive occasions than many brewers in the UK. Clearly these started from similar design criteria, adapted for the needs of the local brewer. Interesting indication of the alcohol content, and a warning on the Iowa labels, and the Milwaukee brewer is ‘Not in any Trust’. Is that a reference to the tendency towards consolidation in the early years of the 20th century? Thank to John Steiner who has provided these images of early American labels and others yet to come.




  • Donner

    Blitzen is busy doing extra ‘orbits’ as Mr C thinks he is overweight. (Pot/kettle?)
    Apparently Mr C remembers both ales fondly, but he would wouldn’t he!

  • Charlie D

    Truly festive labels. But perhaps Mr C is purposefully fattening up Donner as an alternative turkish Christmas dinner…

  • Donner

    How could you!!!
    I am certainly not overweight. It is Blitzen who is tubby.
    Oh & by the way the don’t have reindeer in Turkey, they is goats.
    Which I am told humans quite like, curried.

    Charlie, you may not receive the expected ‘deposit’ in your chimney this Christmas!!
    Revenge of the Reindeer, Yo!

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