Alan’s Desert Island Beer Labels #1

Reffells Bexley. I went to an all boys grammar school in Bexley – my interest in this brewery has been there from the start of my collection when I was about 10 yrs old !! The sharp eyed amongst you will want to compare this label with the similar one in the Reffell’s Gallery.



  • Dale Adams

    Oh dear, an Edinburgh brewery! So so many to choose from! Too many candidates to guess so I hope someone out there has some firm information!

  • Onno Kleefkens

    Hi there,
    One of those typical Export Labels, where the beer can be brewed everywhere (Germany, Netherlands) and where the bottling has been done in Edinburgh. The labelisnot stating that the beer is brewed in Edinburgh.

  • Pete Standen

    Onno makes a very good point. How often do we look at things & see what we expect or want to see. Rather than what is actually visible.

  • Chris Horner

    I love bottle labels. I collect pre 1970 British Brewery beer mats. I have around 3000, but still lots to go!
    I would love to start collecting similar labels, but at 56 I think it’s a bit late and they are very expensive.
    Enjoyed looking at yours.
    Chris Horner

  • Eric Dore

    Hi Chris. Label collecting is a great retirement hobby – and 56 is no age at all! I would say – reconsider. Yes, the very rare labels are very expensive but there are many nice older labels out there that still sell for a couple of pounds. Check out ebay and the Labologists auctions. Come and join us! Cheers, Eric

  • Paul Dean

    This label is very similar in design to a McEwan Younger label for BELL BRAND LIGHT BEER (even includes the same ‘Gold Medals’ !). MY was the export arm of Scottish Brewers established in 1932. According to a notebook in the Scottish Brewing Archive, the Bell Brand label was imported by the Union Stores in Rangoon (Burma) so possibly TIGER BRAND was for the same or a similar destination ?

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