Beer labels added: J. W. Green Ltd, Phoenix Brewery, Luton

Today we have added labels from J. W. Green Ltd of Luton. We have tried to avoid any beer label snobbery by including a number of later labels. However, labels issued post 1954, when the brewery name was changed to Flowers, have not been included. They will probably appear separately.


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  • Dale Adams

    It is great to see J W Green represented in our Featured Breweries section. I have always thought that they produced some classic labels. How about adding illustrations of the additional bottle dressing that J W Green used as quite a few of the labels also have accompanying have both neck and stopper labels specifically printed for use with the main label?

  • Fascinated by beer labels

    Excuse me, but where is the 1950s Porter version 1. Surely there must be one.

  • Mogens Friis

    I have a question concerning J W Green Ltd. I have dark green beer bottle stamped KOPS REG d . Under the button there is a big J in a shield. It has a metal screw cap. The inscription on the cap is J W GREEN Ltd BREWERS LUTON.
    The only thing I can find out about the bottle is that it is made before 1954.
    Are you able to tell me more about this bottle?

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