Beer labels: Spot the difference #35; Mitchells of Lancaster

It has been suggested to me by a number of followers that it would be a good idea to publish pairs of labels which are relatively common so that collectors are more aware of the differences and additional labels can be picked up for relatively small amounts of money. So here we go with two labels from Mitchell’s Central Brewery in Lancaster. The slight colour difference is one which doesn’t always come across in the images you seen on  screen, but it is not the important variation.



  • anita b conrad

    I have a cask 36inches tall. It says on the front W. Mitchell , Central Brewery, Landcaster. It OsBorne then grey and has an indentation . On the bottom palace for a hand to aid in picking, up. I am seeking information on the age of this large jug. Regards, Anita

  • Pete S

    Please send an image or two of your item & we will see what we can advise.
    For Labologists Society

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